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Historic Granville: "The Place to Be in October"

Historic Granville will host a month-long Artisan Festival during the month of October in Granville’s Pioneer Village. Granville showcases artisans throughout the year as a part of our Pioneer Village program, with scheduled workshops and in the Artisans' Gallery at the Sutton General Store. During October, artisans will be available Wednesday through Saturday to demonstrate their talents and give visitors an opportunity to purchase beautifully crafted handmade products. Artisans that will be part of the festival are basket weaving, blacksmithing, hand thrown pottery, woodworking, weaving, operating loom, broom making, chair bottoming, quilting and other old-time crafts.

In addition to the daily demonstrations, workshops are scheduled throughout the month to give our visitors an opportunity to learn long forgotten crafts. Introductory Weaving, Spinning Yarn, Scarecrow Painting on Canvas, Blacksmithing, Corn Husk Doll Making, Tinctures, Herbal Tea & More, Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom, Basket Weaving are scheduled for the month of October. Granville is the home of the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum, Aunt Bee’s Quilt Shop & Bakery and Granville Broom & Fiber Shop. Classes are offered at these venues year-round.

The Granville Fall Celebration on October 7th will feature a major artisan event in the Pioneer Village from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition to the presence of our showcased artisans, the grist mill will be operating and selling corn meal and grits, there will be cider making, sewing, native art, goats and soap, lamas, Red Tail Forge Works, woodworking, painting and old-time log cutting. Also, a major part of our October 7th event is the Granville Quilt Festival which will feature a quilt show at Granville United Methodist Church, Granville Presbyterian Church and quilts displayed at other historic buildings. The festival will also feature Quilt Tales and Quilt Turning throughout the day. Granville has become a Quilters Paradise with a Quilt Trail, Quilt Benches and much more.

Granville is the place to be during the month of October as the town celebrates the Scarecrow Festival which is Tennessee’s Largest with every type of scarecrow imaginable on display. The theme is year is “Looking Back: Steamboat Days in Granville”. A new feature this year will include a totally new scarecrow exhibit in Pioneer Village.

Visitors are invited to visit Granville for the Scarecrow & Artisan Festival on October 7th and all throughout the month. In addition to scarecrows and artisans, there are ten venues for our visitors to enjoy in Granville Wednesday thru Saturday. The daily Town Tour Ticket is $7.00 and may be purchased upon arrival in Granville at the T. B. Sutton General Store. The Festival Ticket for October 7th is $7.00 each and may be purchased at an admission gate on that date.

Granville is proud to have been recently recognized as being the number one small town that has retained its small- town look and feel. For more information about October events or scheduling a group visit, see this website or call 931-653-4151.

Barbara Boone, one of our showcased artisans demonstrates her long-time talent.

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