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About Granville:  "Tennessee's Mayberry Town"

The Cumberland River brought settlers to Granville in the early 1800s.  From about 1831 until 1920, Granville was a thriving riverboat town.  After riverboat travel ceased, the community was a successful farming area. In the early 1970's, the river covered farmlands when the Cordell Hull Dam was built. Families relocated and Granville became a ghost town.  The river breathed new life into this community in the late 1900s, creating a perfect vacation site.  Since 1999, Granville’s mission has been to become a historic destination, telling the story of a small, riverboat farming community. 

Today, visitors magically step back in time, in Granville: Tennessee's Mayberry Town.  A trip to Historic Granville offers many rewards, including unmatched natural beauty of the hills and the lake.  You will be amazed by the 1880's award-winning T.B. Sutton General Store, where you can browse historical artifacts, purchase handmade items, and enjoy delicious country cooking.


The Granville Museum tells the story of Granville and surrounding area stores, churches, schools, and families, and traveling and temporary exhibits are displayed in the exhibition room. Adjacent to the Granville Museum, visitors will find the Farm To Your Table Museum which gives a glimpse into the agricultural life of the areas.  The Historic Sutton Homestead offers guided tours and connects visitors with memories of a simpler time. The Pioneer Village guided tour includes Gulf Service Station with antique cars, farm equipment, an 1800's cabin, an Artisans Building and Cottage Garden and so much more. 


The vintage cars in the Clemons Car Museum and the Whistle Stop Saloon are reminders of more romantic times and offer photo opportunities. The MayberryI Love Lucy Museum showcases one of a kind, rare artifacts from these popular TV shows.  Visitors are amazed at the large collection of whiskey decanters in the Granville Whiskey Decanter Museum and with our newest museum, the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum. 

With many things to see and do in Granville, you can slow down and tour or sit, relax and enjoy the view.  This Mayberry Town will take you on a trip down memory lane.

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Visit Granville Wednesday - Saturday.  Town Tour Tickets are $7.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Children 6-12; Children Under 6 are Free. Your Tour Ticket gives you access to a guided tour of the Sutton Homestead and Pioneer Village (March - December) and a self-guided tour of all the other buildings and museums, including, Granville Museum, Farm to Your Table Agriculture Museum, Daniel Barber Shop and Post Office Museum, Clemons Car Museum, Mayberry - I Love Lucy Museum, Granville Whiskey Decanter Museum, Whistle Stop Saloon and Ice Cream Museum and the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum. Purchase your town tour tickets at Sutton General Store, Southern Shops of Granville or Aunt Bee's Quilt Shop & Bakery. 

Mission Statement

   The mission of the Granville Museum, in Granville, TN, is to function as a repository for artifacts, historical information and genealogy related to families in local and surrounding communities.  The site will serve as a resource for historical collections.  The museum will use interesting, educational approaches to display, present, and interpret Granville's unique past and its people for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

    To accomplish this mission, the Granville Museum will create a place where people of all ages and various backgrounds can view and appreciate the work of local artists. The exhibitions and programs will be designed to (a) strengthen and sustain the talents of these regional artists; (b) preserve and promote bluegrass, gospel, classic, country and old-time music through Saturday night concerts and community festivals; (c) record and display the military stories, including World War II maneuvers and describe their impact on the local community; (d) honor the area's unique riverboat and farming heritage; and (e) serve as a storytelling site to enhance the area's oral history while allowing visitors to experience a simpler life as they step back in time.

Board of Directors

2023 Officers and Board Members

Randall Clemons, President      
Stan Webster, Vice President               
Liz Huff Bennett, Vice President                   
Kaye Fields Loftis, Secretary          
Greg High, Treasurer 

Katie Bennett

Brenda Curtis

Carl Cantrell

John Deane

Carolyn Carter Dudney 

Stanley Duke

Larry Edmondson

Brenda Francis

Randy Harris

Lisa Huff

Debbie Kinnard

Sam Moore

Chris Neeley

Susan Peek

Janie Pedigo Phillips

Jeanette Ragland Dalton (Member Emeritus)  
Joe Moore (Member Emeritus)
Betsy Harrington (Member Emeritus)

Suzanne Clemons Stafford (Member Emeritus) 

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Historic Granville is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with approximately 200 volunteers.

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