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Upper Cumberland Family History & Genealogy Festival
July 27, 2024

Plans are in process for our 2024 Festival.  If you would like to participate with a Resource Booth, a Family Booth or to be added to the mailing list, you may let us know in one of the following ways: 


Mail information to Granville Museum, P. O. Box 26, Granville, TN  38564

Email your request for involvement to, or Call 931-653-4544.

Special Family Event:  Carter & McKinley Families Reunion

Saturday, Augst 30 & Sunday August 31, 2024

Information and Photos Below are from our 2023 Festival

Resource Booths

  • Cemeteries and Cemetery Preservation

  • Children's Family & Genealogy Activity Table

  • Clay County Museum of History

  • Cooke & Dowell Family Table

  • Daughters of the American Revolution

    • Crab-Orchard Chapter

    • Old Walton Road Chapter

  • Dudney Family Table

  • Fentress County Historical Society

  • Jackson County Archives/Gainesboro Kin Seekers

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Family History Centers

  • McDonald - Maggart Family Table

  • Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society, Inc.

  • MTSU :  Center for Historic Preservation

  • Overton County Historical Society

  • Pickett County Historical & Genealogical Society

  • Robert Brown, Granville Genealogist

  • Putnam County Library:  Tennessee Room

  • Smith County Historical Archives

  • Smith County Heritage Museum

  • Starting Your Family Tree - Beginning Genealogy

  • Stidham Family Table

  • Tennessee Tech Library - Special Collections

  • Upper Cumberland Research Resources

  • White County Genealogical-Historical Society

Event Presentations

Festival Presentations

Granville United Methodist Church

10:30 AM

“The Barber-Surgeon’s Kinfolk:

The Stidham’s of Tennessee and Beyond”

Tom Wood and Nicki Pendleton Wood,

Presenters (Stidham Family)


1:00 PM

“Getting Started with Genealogy Research:

 Starting Your Family Tree”

Anna Stephenson, Presenter


2:00 PM

“The Cox, Gore and Morgan Families:   

Telling our Story through Their Stories”

 Mark Dudney, Presenter.  Mark is the Public 

Historian at the Upper Cumberland 

Development District

Logo Sample.png

Mike Maggart with Family Record Scroll

Stidham Family Featured at 2023 Event

Anna Stephenson, Presentation Speaker

Gen Fest Museum.jpg
Gen Fest Event Center 6.jpg

Family and Resource Tables filled the Granville Event Center and the Granville Museum Special Exhibits/Genealogy Room.

Stay Connected!

I have an interest in Family History Research and would like to be added to a mailing list to reserve any updates of future events held in Granville.

Upper Cumberland Family History and Genealogy

 Please send to Granville Museum, P. O. Box 26, Granville, TN  38564

Mail Your Request to the Above Address

Call 931-653-4544 to Add Name to Mailing List, or

 Email information to

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________  City:____________________    State:  ______    Zip: _________


Yes _______   Please Add my Name to Your Mailing List to receive information about upcoming events.

Surname(s) in my genealogy:  ______________________________________




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