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Elizabeth Huff Bennett awarded Governor's Volunteer Star Award

Each year, Governor Lee recognizes volunteers from Tennessee’s 95 counties that have gone above and beyond in their volunteer efforts.  Each county submits nominations for volunteers that meet these qualifications and winners are selected.

Elizabeth Huff Bennett of Granville was selected as the 2024 Jackson County Adult Award Winner.  Mrs. Bennett is Vice President of Granville Museum, Inc. where she has been a volunteer for the last 20 years.  She has been instrumental in the development of Historic Granville into a tourist destination and into becoming "Tennessee’s Mayberry Town".  She has used her years of work in the education system to develop a program of work for the Granville Museum developing annual themes, exhibits, plays, and storytelling events. She has planned and coordinated School Day programs for young children in Jackson and surrounding counties.

Since the Sutton Historic Homestead program began in 2010, she has created unique themes and written storytelling scripts each year to be used by volunteers for visitors touring the home.   She is in charge of training volunteers and making their volunteer hours an enjoyment.  Mrs. Bennett was born and raised in the Granville Community and educated in the Jackson County School System.  She continues to work hard to give back to the community she loves and is a wonderful example of Tennessee’s Volunteer Spirit. 

Congratulations Elizabeth Huff Bennett, Governor Lee’s Volunteer Star Award Winner.

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