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Historic Granville Presents Volunteer Awards for 2023

Historic Granville recently celebrated a Holiday Dinner honoring its 235 volunteers that tirelessly work to operate Tennessee’s Mayberry Town.  Special awards were presented for outstanding work during the year 2023.

First Row seated in the photo above left to right: New Volunteer Award, Lee Ann Williams; School Days Award, Carolyn Webster; Visionary Award, Lisa Huff; and Sutton Homestead Award, Kathy Hesson.

Second Row standing left to right- Young Entertainer of the Year - Joseph Neal; Entertainer of the Year, Larry Granger; Granville Museum Volunteer of the Year, Carl Cantrell; Artisan of the Year, Brandon Vaughn; Visionary Award, Ray Byrd; Green Thumb of the Year, Vickie Pelamati; and Artisan of the Year, Kay Brady.

Not pictured Sutton Store Volunteer of the Year, Martha Sue Williford. 

Randall Clemons, President of Granville Museum, stated that "our volunteer family is a group of dedicated people that make Granville each day the No. One Small Town in America.  They are a great example of why we are called Volunteer State." Granville now offers ten venues that allow you to step back in time in a Town of Yesteryear.   

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