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Secrets of the Hills

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The 2022 theme for Historic Granville is, “If These Hills Could Talk.” We want to tell the secrets these hills hold. If these hills could talk, they would tell stories of the people. Stories about the families who lived in the hills, hollers, branches, ridges, bends, and creeks around Granville. They’d tell of the orchards, green pastures, and lovely little homes with front porches for sitting and visiting. They’d describe the clear streams running over flat rocks and cascading into a pool just the right size to sit and cool off on a hot summer day. They would share a few facts about these places.

  • These are places where you can sit on the porch at night and hear the coyote’s howl. If you're lucky, you will hear someone pick up a fiddle (not to be confused with a violin) and play with music echoing through the hills.

  • Dogs, cats, chickens, and children can be seen in the yard and surrounding areas.

  • These are places where children play in the creek, learn to climb trees, and enjoy the natural beauty of the hills.

  • Neighbors become family and help each other when needed.

Most of all, these hills would want you to know, the people hold the magic to these places. The hills hollers, ridges, mounds, forks, branches and creeks are good places to live and wonderful places to raise a family. These places become your playground.

The goal of the Granville Museum is to communicate this passion, capture these stories, and preserve this rich history for present and future generations. We are open to suggestions and value input from our readers and visitors. Please share your stories with us. Please go to and follow our blog posts. Scroll to the bottom and leave a comment with your contact information. You may also leave your contact information with Sutton General Store at 931-653-4151.

Historic Granville is open Wednesday- Friday 11AM-3PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM

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