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Historic Granville: A Quilters Paradise

Historic Granville has recently become "A Quilters Paradise" with many new quilt related events that Tennessee’s Quilt Museum & Aunt Bee's Farmhouse Quilt Shop have brought to the village. The 23rd Annual Granville Quilt Show will occur on October 7th with added features for this year's show. The show offers 26 classes of competition with three awards in each class.

Past entrants will notice a change in this year's process. This year all quilts will be entered on Thursday, October 5th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Granville United Methodist Church, 187 Clover Street in Granville. At the time of entry, participants will receive a 25% discount coupon for one item purchased at Aunt Bee’s Quilt Shop & Bakery and a free tee shirt.

This year’s Quilt Honoree is Joanne Schlichting of Wilson County, and the Memorial Honoree is the late Wilma White Alfred of Overton County. Their work will be on a special display at the festival along with other quilts displayed at the Historic Granville Presbyterian Church.

In conjunction with Granville's Fall Celebration, a storytelling event entitled “A Quilt Tale” will be featured. Guests will visit four Granville homes where quilt owners will share their quilt stories on the porches of the homes. Tours begin at Sutton Homestead Historic Home at 10:30, 12:00 and 1:30 p.m. At the end of the tour, guests will visit Tennessee Quilt Museum for a Quilt Turning.

The cost of the Fall Celebration Festival is $7.00 which includes all quilt events, Jazz on the Cumberland, two stages of musical entertainment, craft booths, artisans in Pioneer Village, Grand Opening of the Scarecrow Festival, and the ten venues regularly available to our guests during the week. There will be a special recognition at Veteran's Park celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Cordell Hull Dan & Lake highlighted by "Fireworks on the Cumberland" at 9:00 p.m.

The "Quilters Paradise" theme will be enhanced during the month of October, November and December with a display of 75 Fall and Christmas quilts at the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum. In addition, there will be quilts on display at Granville United Methodist Church, 1880 Sutton Historic Home, Granville Museum, Sutton General Store and on the porches of Granville. The Pruett Stage features 12 quilt benches of unique historical quilt patterns and the Granville Quilt Trail features 12 quilts painted on the exterior of Granville buildings.

When you purchase your Town Tour Ticket, you will receive a Walking Tour Guide offering more information about 32 Granville historic locations. During the month of October, on Wednesday through Saturday, Granville will also be featuring an Artisan Showcase in the Pioneer Village where guests may see resident artisans demonstrate their talents as well as offer classes.

Please visit for more information or call 931-653-4151.

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