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Granville Museum Hosts Volunteer Christmas Party and Awards Presentation

Historic Granville - Granville Museum hosted its annual Christmas Party and Awards Presentation on Tuesday evening, December 13th. The success of our daily operations and festivals is made possible by 227 dedicated volunteers who have a passion to preserve and showcase Granville. Volunteers enjoyed a wonderful meal and musical entertainment and also took time to recognize the following for their special efforts in 2022:

Christy Trott-Southern Cooking Award

Lisa Huff-Fall & Christmas Decorating Plan Award

Nanc Stigler-Landscape Blooming Award

Susan & Skip Peek-Granville Broom & Fiber Shops-Artisan Trail Award

Jackie Taylor- Fall & Christmas Decorating Award

Stan Webster- Historic Granville Visionary Award No 9

Greg High- Whatever It Takes Award

Randy Harris-Mayberry Dinner Theater Award

Alan Psota- Fall & Christmas Decorating Award

David & Ann Gaines- Sutton Homestead Whatever It Takes Award

Minnie Clemons-Landscape Blooming Award

Carolyn Dudney-Historic Granville Visionary Award No. 10

Dickie Brooks- Festivals Photography Award

Donny Dixon-Historic Building Planning & Construction Award

Jeremy & Brenda Curtis-Aunt Bee’s Farmhouse Quilt Shop & Bakery- Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum-Artisan Trail Award

Peggy Clemons-Photography Dedication Award

Left to right front row: Christy Trott, Lisa Huff, Nanc Stigler, Susan & Skip Peek

Left to right back row: Jackie Taylor, Stan Webster, Greg High, Randy Harris, Alan Psota,

David & Ann Gaines, Minnie Clemons, Carolyn Dudney, Dickie Brooks, Donny Dixon,

Not Pictured Jeremy & Brenda Curtis, Peggy Clemons

Randall Clemons, President stated that "the success of Granville since 1999 has occurred due to our dedicated volunteer family. Granville is currently enlisting volunteers for 2023 and interested individuals may call 931-653-4544 or send an email to

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