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Granville Heritage Day Honors Fields Family

The 2024 Granville Heritage Day 25th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Granville Museum honored the Fields family of Granville.  Granville was a major location of World War II training maneuvers, and the southern hospitality of the Fields family resulted in a relationship with Vincent B. “Little Moe” DeNardo who played an important role in the opening of the Granville Museum in 1999.

DeNardo arrived in Granville on July 4, 1943, and fell in love with the area. He met the Fields family developing a close relationship with them, and as a result of this friendship, DeNardo returned to Granville each summer from 1949 through 1970 staying with Arthur & Snowie Fields and later Dois & Kerry Fields.  During his visits he photographed street scenes and everyday life in Granville, and the history of Granville is preserved through the lens of his camera. Over a 20-year period he made over 1,000 photographs and bequeathed those to the Fields family who made those available to be a part of the Granville Museum.  These photos were featured at the opening of the Museum and continue to be an important exhibit documenting family history and life in Granville.

Pictured is the Pack & Lennie Fields Family whose children were Helen Fields Reynolds and Dois Fields. 


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