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Grand Opening of Farm to Your Table Museum

Historic Granville held the Grand Opening of the Farm to Your Table Museum on July 11th as part of the 22nd Annual Heritage Day. Pictured: Left to right are Tennessee Commissioner of Tourism Mark Ezell, Stan Webster, Vice President of Granville Museum; Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture, Charlie Hatcher; Randall Clemons, President of Granville Museum; Danny Bass, Bass Funeral Home; Stan Ezell, Ezell Foundation; Tim Taylor, Taylor Body Shop; Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady and David Brooks, Ligon Bobo Funeral Home.

Granville Museum is the home of the new Farm to Your Table Museum which was made possible thru a grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The museum tells the story of dairies of Middle Tennessee with a special exhibit for Ezell Dairy-Purity Dairy. The museum also features a 1942 Ezell Dairy Mack Milk Truck which was given by the Ezell Foundation and restored by Tim Taylor of Taylor Body Shop in Lebanon.

The Ezell Family have donated and created wonderful exhibits by David Thomas who is a member of the Ezell Family. Included in the exhibit is a large milk bottle collection from David Brooks of Ligon Bobo Funeral Home.

The museum also features a mule-drawn hearse that has been placed on loan by Bass Funeral Home of Gordonsville- Carthage. The hearse was purchased in 1916 and was used in conjunction with the Dowell Funeral Home of Granville who had a partnership with Bass Funeral Home.

The museum is open Wednesday thru Friday from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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