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Bluegrass Festival Announces Winner of Youth Division

At our recent Heritage Day event, Jimmy Bilbrey, Chairman of Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Festival, presented the First Place Award in the Youth Division of the contest to Naomi Brown of Gainesboro.

The Sutton Ole Time Music Hour

has had Bluegrass for Kids each week since January at Sutton Ole Time Music Hour. Bilbrey stated that the participation

in the event and the talent of the young musicians has been tremendous.

After performing on the stage at Sutton Music Hour, the performers were invited to be in the competition at the festival. Bilbrey stated that "this was the most exciting contest that I’ve been a part of at Heritage Day". I’m so excited about the

future of this program and the talent that is a part of it. Naomi will go on to perform at the outdoor stage at the Ryman Auditorium.

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It’s great to see this. Congratulations.

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