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2nd Annual Squad Car Grand National at Granville's Mayberry - Lucy Day

Mayberry Police Squad Cars from across the country are scheduled to arrive in Granville on April 15th. For the second year, the National Squad Car organization has selected Granville as their venue of choice, and cars will arrive in Granville to compete in a national competition. Squad Cars can be entered from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at 106 Clover Street in Granville. At 1:30 pm, the cars will participate in the Squad Car Obstacle Course Event on Granville’s Main Clover Street. The contest will be based on skill of the driver and skills of passenger on the obstacle event course. There will be five obstacles that each car must be include in the course, and the car within the shortest time to complete will be the winner. This is an event spectators enjoyed so much last year and will enjoy seeing again. All ages will enjoy the humor in watching the contestants contend for the title.

A Mayberry Cruise-In will also be held on April 15th, and cars can be entered starting at 9:30 am. There is no entry fee for the cruise-in and each participating car will receive one free admission ticket to the event. The cars will be displayed till 3:30 pm and will be a part of the Mayberry Parade. For more information, please call Randall Clemons at 615-945-8492.

Mayberry Lucy Day will feature great entertainment as Mayberry Lucy impersonators from across the country will be performing. We are honored this year to host Dixie Griffith, Andy Griffith's daughter who will share an entertaining program about her life and the Andy Griffith Show. There will be special competitions that anyone can enter including a Mayberry Look-A-Like Contest, Mayberry Trivia Contest, Lucy Look-A-Like Contest, Chocolate Candy Wrapping Contest, Grape Stomping Contest and Vitameatavegimen Commerical.

Mayberry - I Lucy Day April 15th features the

2nd Annual Squad Car Grand Nationals

& Mayberry Cruise In.

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