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Mayberry Squad Car Nationals in Granville on April 9th

The third annual Granville Mayberry - Lucy Day on April 9th will have a great new addition as this year's event hosts the Mayberry Squad Car Nationals. This event began in 2001 and has been hosted by several cities across the United States. Squad cars from across the U.S. will come to Granville for competition. The Andy Griffith Show had a different model Ford Squad Car for each year of the show, and across the U.S., there are a number of collectors of these cars. This will be a fun event as the “Mayberry Squad Car Nationals” obstacle course race will take place right down Granville’s Clover Street. Each squad car driver will stay in their car and a “runner” will hop out of the car to perform a challenge such as hanging on a stop sign or delivering ice cream to Thelma Lou. The Squad Car Nationals will be part of "Mayberry Cruise In" where all models antique cars will be on display. The cruise in has no entry fee and each car gets a free admission to the festival. There will be a Mayberry Parade at 3:30 p.m. featuring Squad Cars, Antique Cars and Mayberry Performers. Mayberry - Lucy Day will feature two stages for entertainment beginning at 10:00 a.m. The Mayberry Stage will feature Floyd, Barney, Otis, Ricky and Lucy being performed by professional impersonators. Also on the Mayberry Stage, there will be two special performances featuring Keith Thibodeaux who portrayed Little Ricky on the I Love Lucy Show and also Johnny Paul Jason on The Andy Griffith Show.

There will be an abundance of music including the Darlings Band performed By One Way Out Bluegrass Band and the Mayberry Melodies Band featuring Briscoe Darling and Andelina. There will be Mayberry Trivia Contest and Mayberry Look Alike Contest at 2:00 p.m. and a Lucy Look Alike Contest at 12:00 noon. The Mayberry Diner will be serving lunch with Mayberry reruns. The town has been decorated in a great Mayberry fashion with new hand painted Mayberry Scenes and Characters. April 9th will also feature the Genealogy Festival, Upper Cumberland Wine Festival, Craftsmen Festival, crafts, great food and much more. For more information, view events on this website or call 931-653-4151.

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