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Historic Granville Hosts Holiday Quilt Show

Visit Granville during the holiday season and be treated to a Holiday Quilt Show at the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum. The quilts in the show are on loan from members of the Cookeville Crazy Quilters. Quilts, that once served as an item of necessity in our nation have now been transformed into glorious works of art, and guests in Granville will have an opportunity to see some of these beautifully crafted quilts.

The members of the Cookeville Crazy Quilters have become life-long friends and are known for sharing their work in the community and for offering classes. They regularly attend the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show in Paducah, KY where a full week of classes are instrumental to the group in creating award-winning quilts. The group also attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX to see the “100 Best Quilts of the 20th Century” where they were able to meet the artists, see the quilts and hear the stories of these quilts preserved in cloth.

In addition to their travel experiences, the Crazy Quilters have been active in charitable programs throughout the years. The Genesis House, Mustard Seed Ranch are among the organizations which have benefited from their generosity. The club has also been involved in making quilts for senior citizens and financial donations for many organizations.

Historic Granville recognized a member of this group at our annual Fall Festival and Quilt Show on October 7 by awarding the “Best of Show” to Sandy Zimmerman, a member of the Cookeville Crazy Quilters.

Pictured above is just one of the holiday quilts on display now through the end of December. When you visit Historic Granville, don't miss a trip to the Tennessee Quilt & Textile Museum to see this colorful display. For more information about the Holiday Quilt Show or to find out more about the Cookeville Crazy Quilters, you may call Brenda Curtis at 931-653-5919.

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