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Granville Presents Awards at Heritage Day Event

Each year as a part of our Heritage Day event, special presentations are made to those who support our efforts to maintain our community and preserve its history for the generations to follow.

Business Sponsor of the Year - 2023

The 2023 Business Sponsor of the Year is Rackley Roofing of Carthage. A long-time sponsor of Granville and Sutton Ole Time Music Hour, Rackley Roofing was recently awarded the 2022 Commerical Roofing Contractor of the Year. Pictured left to right is Randall Clemons, President, Granville Museum; Vanessa Williams-Director of Brand Rackley Roofing; Stan Webster, Vice President of Granville Museum and Liz Bennett, Vice President of Granville Museum.

Century Farm Award - 2023

For the last 20 years, the Granville Museum has honored a Century Farm of the Granville Community at Granville Heritage Day. The 2023 Century Farm is the C. C. & Elizabeth Martha Huff Collier Farm which was purchased by Collier Family on March 9, 1873.

The original farm was 157 acres and part of the Beech Hill Tract. The farm is 150 years old and still owned by the Collier Family. Stan Webster, Vice President of Granville Museum, presents the award to the Collier Family.

Gene Duke Friend of the Museum Award - 2023

The Granville Museum formed in 1999 recognizes an individual each year who has supported the efforts of the Museum. Gene Duke was one of the original founders of the museum and the Gene Duke Friend of the Museum for 2023 is Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady. Mayor Heady has been a great friend to the Granville Museum, and we are so grateful for his support and his leadership in promoting tourism in Jackson County. Pictured left to right are Eugene Duke, Mayor Randy Heady, and Vicki Duke Pirrone.

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