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Granville has honored guests on July 4th Weekend

Historic Granville was honored during July 4th weekend with two visitors in their late 90’s. Both had come to see part of their past that was located in Granville.

Hugh Chadwell, a long-time employee of Purity Dairy, stands by the historic Ezell Dairy milk truck that he and his brother Chad drove for many years while working for Ezell & Purity Dairy. His family brought him to Granville to see the truck.

Mr. Chadwell is age 98 and was thrilled to see the truck one more time. Mark Ezell, whose family owned Ezell and Purity Dairy, learned of his visit and stated “the Chadwells were tremendous people who helped build Purity Dairy with their work ethic and professionalism. I’m so glad he got to see the truck and Purity Museum". Purity recently donated the milk truck to Granville Museum, and it is an important part of the Farm To Table Museum.

Mable Carter Stout, age 99, visited Granville during July 4th weekend. She had asked her grandson to bring her back to her hometown to see things of the past.

She is pictured in front of the old Granville Bank building where she and her husband got a loan from Arthur Willoughby, Bank Manager to purchase their first home and farm. Mrs. Stout has strong family roots in Granville and everyone was amazed how much she remembered of the history of Granville and its families.

Granville will be celebrating the Upper Cumberland Family History and Genealogy Festival on July 29th

And these two visitors are a example of how important our history is. For more information visit

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