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Carter Brothers of Granville Honored for their Service

On Wednesday, August 2, Granville community members, members of the Carter family, along with Senator Paul Bailey and Representative Michael Hale gathered to honor the Carter brothers for their military service during World War II. A section of Highway 96 from Granville in Jackson County to the Putnam County line was dedicated and named the Carter Boys Memorial Highway.

During the years 1943 - 1944, Lee and Fannie Carter of Granville said goodbye to four sons who proudly served in World War II. Mack Austin Carter left on June 15, 1943; Alton Greston Carter left on September 17, 1943; J. N. Carter left on October 23, 1943, and Ray Farmer Carter left on April 7, 1944. Remarkably, all four survived their military duties and came home to live and support their communities in Jackson, Smith and Putnam counties for many years afterward.

Carter Boys of Granville left to right Mack Austin Carter, Alton Greston Carter, J. N. Carter and Ray Farmer Carter.

The Granville community gathered with the Carter Family for this dedication. Pictured with community and legislators were children of Carter Boys: Carolyn Carter Dudney, Stites Ray Carter, Gary Carter, Bruce Carter and wife of J. N. Carter Geraldine.

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