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Lessons Learned Around the Pot-Bellied Stove

Your Destiny is Your Choice


"Sit down soon and read Sonny Reynold's new book. In it he reviews the happenings
in his life in an enjoyable way ... and draws a lesson from each precarious step. The
book is not to be read fast. It is to be chewed and digested slowly ... and it will bring
you bright and accurate guidelines to live by.
- Arnold "Nick" Carter, Vice-President, Communications Research
Nightingale-Conant Corporation

"You are shaping your own destiny every minute of every day with your own choices
and decisions, and they are always up to you. This book will show you how to turn
your life into something really extraordinary using a few powerful, proven principles
of success.'
- Brian Tracy, CEO, Brian Tracy International

"There are many factors that affect whether one achieves success. This book
provides helpful insight on a number of these and how our choices and our efforts
are influenced by them. Numerous examples of personal experience help to
illustrate the role of these factors and their influence on our personal attributes
affecting our success."
- Wilford Bailey, President Emeritus, Auburn University

"These pages are filled with special insights, enlightening philosophies, and
provocative ideas for those who wish to change their lives by making more thought-
challenging choices. A MUST READ."
- Larry Wilde, America's best-selling humorist

"Good old horse sense, solid traditional values, and homespun humor. I really
enjoyed it."
- Robert M. Miller, DVM, America's best-known veterinary author and cartoonist

"Sonny Reynolds opens the door to the options available and allows us to be free to
deal more openly with our present, which may reveal choices we have not even
- Ralph Hillman, Ph.D., professor, speaker, and speech coach


Dr. Sonny D. Reynolds, a licensed veterinarian, has served as a district officer of Toastmasters International and president of a local Rotary Club. He is a member and treasurer of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Speakers' Bureau. Since 1987, Dr. Reynolds has been speaking professionally, focusing on keynotes, kick-offs, and after-dinner presentations that entertain, inspire, and motivate.

Lessons Learned Around the Pot-Bellied Stove

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