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Cummins Falls

Visiting Cummins Falls State Park?

Cummins Falls State Park is one of the Tennessee's most beautiful day trips. Located on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River on the Eastern Highland Rim.

Part of the Cordell Hull Watershed, it has been a scenic spot and swimming hole for local residents of Jackson County for more than 100 years. Cummins Falls is Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall by volume of water and is 75 feet high.

While planning your trip to Cummins Falls:

Why not Step Back in Time by staying and visiting Historic Granville, Tennessee on the Cordell Hull Lake. Feel the pure southern charm of this river boat town and the 1880 T.B. Sutton General Store. You will enjoy the century old homestead, pioneer village, cultural, transportation and 1950's service station museum's.

You can plan to stay at one of these wonderful lodgings: Granville Bed & Breakfast or the Wildwood Resort & Marina.

For more information call 931-653-4151 or visit

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