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Less Than 10,000 Steps

The overall theme for 2022 in Historic Granville is Untold Stories: If These Hills Could Talk. Visitors will view exhibits and hear the stories of the hills, ‘hollars’ , ridges, mounds, and creeks and their people. You’ll hear of the down-home charm, the daylight ‘till dark work on the farm, the funny store porch stories, and be transported back in time to riverboat travel. There is something for everyone in this quaint little town known as Granville: Tennessee’s Mayberry Town.

It Takes Less Than 10,000 Steps

It takes less than 10,000 steps to steps, walk the streets, view the historic sites, tour the informative museums, hear entertaining stories, enjoy shopping, relax by the lake, and eat delicious country cooking

Sutton General Store at 10:30AM

Arrive in Granville by 10:30 AM, make T.B.Sutton General Store your first stop. The 1880’s award winning general store is a museum, as well as, a country store. You’ll feel that you’ve stepped back in time, the shelves are filled with items from the past; some items are museum quality for viewing and other unique one-of-a-kind items are for purchase. The second floor is home to the Granville Artisans Gallery filled with creative products made in Granville by local artisans.

Town Tour in Less Than 10,000 Steps

Purchase a town Tour Ticket , you are assigned a time to visit the Sutton Homestead for a guided tour. Sutton General Store staff will provide directions and a map of Granville with the sites identified and a walking guide containing information about thirty-two historical buildings/landmarks. This walking guide provides an insight into the fascinating history of the area.

Mayberry and I Love Lucy Museum

Begin your memorable experience by walking the short distance to the end of Clover Street to the Southern Shops, enter the Mayberry and I Love Lucy Museum through the Southern Shops. Memorabilia from the two popular sitcoms is displayed with interesting and informative information. It’s sure to put a smile on your face as you recall random memories of Andy Taylor’s voice of commonsense and Lucy’s power of laughter.

Southern Shops of Granville- Before leaving the Southern Shops, you’ll want to purchase a Mayberry and I Love Lucy souvenir. Visit the shops within shop for antique glassware, Christmas ornaments, garden and home décor.

Granville Whiskey Decanter Museum

The decanter museum is located next door to the Southern Shops. It contains over 1800 decanters. Learn the history of Regal China in the production of decanters in fifteen categories representing all hobbies and interests. These are not whiskey bottles nor quart jars used for moonshine, they are truly pieces of art.

Whistle Stop Saloon Museum - Historic Granville- Tennessee Mayberry Town has a history dating back to the early 1900’s of famous whiskey makers connected to the small riverboat town.  You’ll see Diamond Lil, a riverboat entertainer, a couple riverboat gamblers, learn about a famous moonshiner and legendary moonshine runner.

Clemons Car Museum The Clemons Car Museum houses a collection of 1950’s and 60’s automobiles.

Granville Barber Shop and Post Office Museum Marvel at the size of the Granville Post Office and Barber Shop. You will learn about the singing barber.

Granville Gift Shop This small boutique, housed in the old bank building, offers the latest in fashion and at box store prices. You’ll be amazed at the variety of accessories! You can shop from the bank vault.

Lunch: Sutton General Store- Take advantage of the flexibility of the tour and take a lunch break anytime between 11AM-2PM. Sutton General Store serves a plate lunch special, beans and greens, a variety of sandwich choices, and homemade desserts.

Granville Museum The main room of the museum showcases a pictorial history of life in a small farming community, tells the story of the founding of Granville, which has exhibits featuring businesses and churches. Photographs and artifacts are displayed highlighting the Granville story of the years of steamboat travel on the Cumberland River, the role of farming in this area, and many photographs of families from the area. The military room provides a glimpse into the military history of Granville area residents. Artifacts and uniforms donated by families are displayed. Be sure to visit the textile room, view the genealogy resources available, go upstairs to a one room classroom, and enjoy the exhibits in the exhibition room. Sit and enjoy the two-video productions. A docent is available to answer questions about the community and serve as a guide for the museum.

Farm to Table Museum

The "Farm to Your Table" Agriculture Museum exhibits demonstrate the importance of agriculture in our lives and in the lives of those who lived in this area. The story of dairies in Middle Tennessee beginning with one cow and one farmer, showcases a 1943 milk delivery truck originally operated by Ezell Dairy and later used by Purity Dairy. Additional "Farm to Table" exhibits include the story of the role of "Eggs and Chickens" in the life of a farm family and the complete story of raising pigs and "Processing the Pork" for the purpose of providing food for the family. Both exhibits include related artifacts. On display in the center of the museum is a horse-drawn carriage used to transport a casket to the place of burial. This hearse was used by Dowell Funeral Home in Granville, as well as Bass Funeral Home in Gordonsville and Carthage.

Sutton Homestead Historic Home A storytelling guide will take you through this 1880’s historic home. The décor and stories change several times each year. During spring of 2022, visitors will view an 1880 vintage wedding dress and hear stories wedding traditions.

Pioneer Village Step back in time in the barns and out-building as you view antique tools and farming equipment. Antique Car Museum- These vintage cars are changed several times each year. You can also view the history of transportation. Visitors in 2022 are in for a treat, the most famous moonshine running car, a ‘40 Ford coupe, is on display with stories of a local legendary runner, Luke Denny. 1880’s Cabin -This 1880’s cabin is furnished as it would have been when a family called this home. Arts and Crafts Building- Beautiful works of art are demonstrated by our talented local artisans.

Relax with Ice Cream- At the end of the day, relax on the store porch and enjoy hand-dipped ice cream from the back counter at Sutton General Store.

Historic Granville Open- Wednesday- Friday 11AM-3PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM.

Purchase Tour Tickets at Sutton General Store

Adults $7.00

Children- Ages 6 - 12 - $5.00

Under age 6- Free

Admission to all seven museums, Homestead Historic Home, Pioneer Village, Antique Car Museum, 1880's Cabin, Arts and Crafts Building, and barns FREE with the purchase of the Town Tour Ticket.

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