Pioneer Village

Historic Granville Pioneer Village

It's worth a Detour... Step back in time in Historic Granville's Pioneer Village! Marvel at the vintage automobiles, tour structures  that support the traditions of yesteryear, and reminiscent as you view unique artifacts documenting history in a farming community.

Sutton Service Station, Antique Car and Transportation Museum. This 1950's Gulf Service Station showcases cars and trucks from various periods of history. During 2020, the automobiles exhibited will range from the 1920's through the 1970's with vehicles on display changing constantly. The three automobiles owned by Ben Sutton during his life in Granville will be featured. Reflect on the changes in travel with the pictorial history of transportation displayed on the walls.  In addition, this building houses collections of rare lawn movers, antique toys, and Texaco memorabilia.

The Pruett Stage is home to the Granville Quilt benches. Each bench has a unique quilt pattern displayed.  Pick up a quilt bench brochure to learn more about the patterns and the history of quilts. During special events and festivals, the stage is used for speakers, storytelling, and musical entertainment.

The Storytelling Shed, a unique place, provided for whittling and swapping tales.  All are welcome to come "sit a spell".  During festivals and special events, this becomes the shed for Broom-making.

The Webster Barn pays tribute to farming communities showcasing historical farm equipment. Reflect on the inventive spirit of those who lived during this period of history while viewing tools created and used by farmers, such as the hay saw. The original Sutton barn is incorporated in the structure and may be viewed in the hallway of the barn.  Visitors experience a true barn atmosphere while walking the hallway of the barn, viewing a pea sheller, a corncrib and a tobacco stripping room. Just outside the barn cotton, tobacco, and broom corn are grown to allow visitors to view crops during the seasonal stages of growth.

The Eller Grist Mill invites visitors to view the gristmill and learn about the process. During festivals and special events, visitors may observe the process of grinding corn. Granville cornmeal and grits may be purchased at Sutton General Store

The Granville Basket Shop operates to preserve the lost art of weaving baskets. The history of baskets and the art of making baskets are displayed in a permanent exhibit.  Basket making is demonstrated and baskets are available for purchase during festivals and special events.

The Sutton Blacksmith Shop provides a working blacksmith shop. Items used and items created by a blacksmith are displayed. In addition to the traditional blacksmith duties, the blacksmith business in Granville consisted of carriage and wagon work, as well as, repairing farm implements.

Williamson Pioneer Cabin is made of chestnut logs cut from trees on the Williamson family property which they received as  a land grant in the early 1800's. The cabin was built in 1820 and served as the homestead's kitchen.  In 1890, Amanda and Samuel Sampson Carver purchased the property. They used the logs from the kitchen structure to rebuild the cabin in a new location on the farm.  This cabin has been home to several families with as many as two adults and two children living in these quarters.  The cabin was torn down, logs numbered and rebuilt in Pioneer Village in 2012.  Watch for details of the 200th birthday celebration of the cabin.  

Enjoy the Pauline Carter Johnson Cottage Garden as you stroll through Pioneer Village. This garden was created and is tended by Putnam County Master Gardeners.  Many of the flowering perennials were replanted from Pauline's garden.

Outbuildings including the smokehouse, chicken house and outhouses were constructed on the McKinley Farm on Martins Creek in the 1800s. The buildings were moved to the Pioneer Village in 2012 to remind visitors of life experiences of the past.

The Arts and Crafts Building is where visitors may view and learn the history of the rare Rocker Beater Loom.  A spinning wheel and various craft artifacts are on display. The main attraction is  a 19th century  Doctor's Buggy.  During festivals and special events, the Arts and Crafts Building is filled with artists and craftsmen demonstrating the crafts of yesteryear.

Pioneer Village offers other rare historical items for viewing,  such as a John Deere corn stalk cutter, a horse-powered hay baler,  a tobacco setter, and more.

It is $5.00 for a guided tour of the town which includes Sutton Homestead Historic Home, Pioneer Village, the Car Museum, Granville Museum, Agriculture Museum, Daniel Barber Shop and Post Office Museum, Clemons Car Museum, Mayberry - I Love Lucy Museum, Whistle Stop Saloon and Ice Cream Museum. Purchase your town tour tickets at Sutton General Store, Southern Shops, Granville Museum, Sutton Homestead and Pioneer Village. Under age 6 is free.