Farm to Your Table
Agriculture Museum


Attached to the Granville Museum building, you will find an area filled to the brim with hundreds of relics that tell the story of the rich agricultural heritage of small rural communities.  "Step back in time" in this family friendly museum and develop an appreciation for the role agriculture played in our history, as well as an appreciate for the labor-intensive "Farm to Table" process. 

The "Farm to Your Table" Agriculture Museum exhibits demonstrate the importance of agriculture in our lives and in the lives of those who lived in this area.  The story of dairies in Middle Tennessee beginning with one cow and one farmer, showcases a 1943 milk delivery truck originally operated by Ezell Dairy and later used by Purity Dairy.  An extensive professional display prepared and donated by the Ezell Family serves as the anchor for the "Farm to Table" exhibits.  A large collection of glass milk bottles completes the story of the milk delivery truck.  The Granville Milk Story provides a history of how milk was processed, stored and used on the farm. This exhibit includes milk cans, butter churns and a cream separator.

Additional "Farm to Table" exhibits include the story of the role of "Eggs and Chickens" in the life of a farm family and the complete story of raising pigs and "Processing the Pork" for the purpose of providing food for the family.  Both exhibits include related artifacts.

On display in the center of the museum is a horse-drawn carriage used to transport a casket to the place of burial.  This hearse was used by Dowell Funeral Home in Granville, as well as Bass Funeral Home in Gordonsville and Carthage.

Farm implements, the importance of mules to farm life, various farm related artifacts may be viewed in the museum.  Before leaving the museum, "get in the middle of farm life" by taking a photograph in front of the farm mural at the back of the museum.

This museum was made possible in part by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

After leaving this museum, continue to "step back in time" with farm family life when you tour Sutton Homestead and stroll through the barn, outbuildings and cabin in Pioneer Village.

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