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The Legacy of Granville Tennessee

In the 1700s land was scarce in Virginia and North Carolina. When news of available land to the West was made known, people began to inquire and discuss this land which was referred to as "The Promised Land. Families from Granville County, North Carolina and Virginia began to
plan to plan their journey.


This meant leaving families, friends and neighbors behind but they needed more land to raise their crops to have a better life and future for their families. They have been referred to by historical writers as hardy, fiercely independent and with a self sufficient spirit. They were kind, loyal and helpful neighbors who could usually take care of their own problems.

Their journey along Indian trails, water and rough terrain brought them to their new territory. At the end of their journey they found an area with untouched woodlands, rolling hills, ridges, shallows and the fertile bottom and along the beautiful Cumberland River.


Now, over two hundred years later, a group of descendents with the same traits as their forefathers have worked many hours to tell this story. With love and appreciation of their heritage they have found facts, stories and events that occurred over the last 200 years. They have shown a rich history including, steam boating, wars, maneuvers, the great depression, the loss of land and up to the present time.


Since the early 1990s Granville has gone through a drastic transformation. Because of over 200 volunteers, it is now a "Jewel on the Cumberland"

The Legacy of Granville Tennessee

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