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Jeff & Carrie Ketterman, Desi & Lucy impersonators, will perform in Granville on April 10th

Historic Granville- Tennessee’s Mayberry Town will have a grand festival of celebration of the I Love Lucy Show and the Andy Griffith Show on April 10th.

Jeff & Carrie Ketterman are nationally known impersonators of Desi and Lucy as they travel America with their long trailer like the one that was on the I Love Lucy Show. They do tribute acts of the show which are 30 minutes in length featuring the songs of the show which some are Babalu, Straw Hat Song, Waters of the Minnetonka, etc. With skits to go with each song. Carrie is known for her Vitameatavegamin act as well.

Granville opened the Mayberry I Love Lucy Museum and Gift Shop.= in 2020.

Hand painted characters of the I Love Lucy Show have just been completed and will decorate the area of the museum and performance. Three shows, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm will give everyone an opportunity to see the shows and have an opportunity for pictures.

Andy Griffith Show performers on May 10th will feature the last living member of The Darlings, Rodney Dillard. He will be performing concerts during the day as well as performing at Sutton Ole Time Music Hour Their performance features Bo Pierce as Brisco Darling, Allan Newsome as Floyd, and Rik Roberts at Barney.

The day will also feature a Mayberry Cruise in with no entry fee that will be located in front of the event center on Granville Highway. Step back in time on April 10th in Granville as these two television shows come to life in Tennessee’s Mayberry Town. Call 931-653-4151 if more information is needed.

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