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Heritage Day 2020 - Awards and Special Recognition

Granville Community Century Farm Award

The Granville Comminity Century Farm Award for 2020 was awarded to Guy & Debbie Holliman, current owners of the Holliman Farm (Dr. V. M. Clark-Spring House Farm) The farm dates back to 1872.

The Gene Duke Museum Award

The Gene Duke Museum Award is given each year to a person or organization who has promoted the preservation of the history of Granville. This year's award goes to the Ezell family and received by Mark Ezell, Tennessee's Commissioner of Tourism.

The Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Award

The 2020 Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Festival on July 11th honored Eddie Testamand of Lebanon with the Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Award. Eddie has been instrumental in developing bluegrass in Middle Tennessee. He has been a member of the One Way Out Bluegrass Band, organizer of Bluegrass events at the Wilson County Fair and has been involved in performing bluegrass music at Granville Heritage Day since 1999. He is now performing as a member of the Darlings in the Summer Outdoor Granville Mayberry Dinner Theater scheduled for July 30th and 31st.

Pictured left to right are Jimmy Bilbrey, Manager of Sutton Ole Time Music Hour and Chairman of Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Festival, Eddie Testamand and Randall Clemons, President of Historic Granville.

Antique Tractor Show Award

Madison York of Cookeville took home two awards from the Tractor Show on Saturday with her 1953 John Deere Model A tractor. Madison was recognized as the- Youngest Exhibitor and the Brandon Powell John Deere Award.

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