Arts & Culture Center
Arts & Culture Center

The Granville Arts and Cultural Center is located on the second

level of the Sutton General Store. When you visit Granville, plan to include this as

a part of your visit.


The Center is open:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Through objects and images, artists in every century have enriched our lives and provided a historic record for future generations. It is the mission of Historic Granville to nurture exceptional creative accomplishment and support the work of local artists.

Call: 931-653-4151

The Quitting Room contains fabrics, patterns and supplies to use in creating quilts and other items which will be worthy of passing down through many genera­tions of your family.

Quilting classes are conducted quarterly. For more information about the next class, please call Brenda Curtis at 931.653.4151.

Historic Granville, Tennessee



169 Clover Street

Granville, TN 38564


Support Historic Granville


Sutton Store Open:

10 am-3 pm Wed-Fri

10 am-8 pm Sat

Other Attractions Open:

12 pm-3 pm Wed-Fri

12 pm-5 pm Sat

(931) 653-4151

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