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Come see why people from all over the south visit the 1880's Sutton General Store, Granville Museum,
Sutton Homestead,
Pioneer Village, and Antique Car Museum.
Granville is located on the waterfront of Cordell Hull Lake just an hour outside Nashville.

Historic Granville, TN — Tennessee's Mayberry Town.

Open Wed - Friday 10 am - 3 pm, Sat 10 am - 5 pm
Sutton Homestead Open Wed - Friday 12 - 3 pm, Sat 12 - 5:00 pm

175 Christmas Characters Arrived in Granville!

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Historic Granville received a special gift from Santa last week as 175 Christmas Characters arrived in Granville which has become “Christmas Characters on Parade”.  The Village of Historic Granville has been turned into a Winter Wonderland this week wth some 175 hand painted Christmas Characters that has decorated the town.  A few weeks ago David Harris a tour bus driver was in Granville with a group he was driving for and shared with volunteers that his mother had something that Granville needed for the Christmas season.  When he returned home he sent pictures of a Winter Wonderland that his parents Pete & Ethel Sterry of Portland had created since the early 1990’s.  They had developed a Winter Wonderland at their home in Portland that had been a major Christmas Event until Mr. Sterry passed away nine years ago.  Since that time it had remained in their storage building until this past fall when Mrs. Sterry decided that she wanted to do something with the wonderful display.  She spent three months hand painting each character making them looking like brand new.  Granville Museum worked out an agreement to purchase the characters from her as she wanted them used for the enjoyment of everyone during the Christmas Season. 

Historic Granville has developed “Christmas Characters on Parade” which is a walking or driving tour that can be done during the day or night beginning on November 21st thru December 31st .  The Parade will begin at the intersection of Clover Street and Highway 53 coming up Clover Street following directional signs.  The parade is around the entire block of the Sutton Homestead and Pioneer Village.  There is no admission charge for the parade and donations are accepted in a donation box on the street.  The Parade of Characters is some unique characters of Christmas with Santa, Nativity Scenes, Disney Characters and many other characters of the Christmas Season. They are displayed in front of historic buildings decorated in a grand fashion with decorative street lights.  A special character feature is Conway Twitty on front of Whistle Stop Saloon, Elvis Presley on front of Sutton General Store and Ronnie McDowell on front of Granville Museum all which are singing Christmas Music.


Regardless of your age Granville is the place to visit during the 2018 Christmas Season.  Other features of the 2018 Rockin Around the Christmas Tree theme in Granville is Festival of Trees at Granville Museum featuring 20 beautiful decorated Christmas trees, 1880 Sutton Historic Home Tours featuring 1950’s Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, 1950’s Antique Toy Show at the Antique Car Museum, Christmas lunch Wednesday Thru Saturday at 1865 Sutton General Store and great shopping at the shops of Granville.  Another special day in Granville will be Granville Country Christmas on December 8th with four Christmas Musicals, Rides for Children, Santa Workshop and special shopping for parents for children.  A special Christmas Parade will be at 2:00 p.m. and Glenn Watts Christmas Tree Lighting at 4:45.  Sutton Ole Time Music Hour is have special Christmas Bluegrass Dinner Shows each Saturday night in December.  For more information call 931-653-4511 or

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