The Museum

Granville MuseumThe Granville Museum tells the story of the riverboat town of Granville, Tennessee. The museum contains a great pictorial display of every aspect of the history of Granville. Many historical items from homes, businesses, schools and the community are on display. The museum features a military, school and music room and a room with furnishings depicting a home in the early 1900's.

Visitors will also enjoy a ten minute DVD on the history of Granville. The museum also has a genealogy collection with many family records as well as cemetery documents of the Granville area.


Open: Wed–Fri, Year Round . . . Hours: 12:00 to 3:00 pm

          Saturday                                      12:00 to 5:00 pm



Celebrating Our Agricultural Heritage

The Granville Museum includes the Agricultural Museum. The Agricultural Museum features tools and farming implements and a new Hog Killing exhibit.


Present for the dedication of the Agricultural Museum are, from left, Rep. Henry Fincher, Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture Ken Givens, Rep. Les Winningham, Ag Museum Committee Member James Clemons, Sen. Charlotte Burks, Ag Museum Committee Chairman Stan Webster, Granville Museum President Randall Clemons, and museum donor Zelma Custer.


Genealogy Section

A Genealogy section is available in the Museum containing family histories of Granville families. Also a number of reference books including the Jackson County Cemetery Inscriptions Book with 19,000 fully indexed names and Known By The Company They Keep: An Analysis of the Thomas Carter Prayer Book Entries. The Museum also contains original old church records, justice of the peace records, deeds and family records; and is a great place to do research.

Genealogy Index Project

Volunteers have completed a project to index the family history information in the Museum by surname. The index database to over 100 donated notebooks is available using the Genealogy Menu on the left.

A few of the families that we have information on include:  Brown, Carter, Clemons, Collier, Duke, Fields, Halfacre, Harris, Holleman, Huff, Kent, Kirby, Mathis, McKinley, Moore, Myers, Pruett, Ragland, Sadler, Stanton, Stout, Tittle, Veteto, Wheeler, Williamson, among others.

Family Photos 

The museum is full of family photos from years gone by that have been donated by visitors and residents.  Please add your photos to our collection.


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